LEADERJACK은 원단제작부터 제품생산까지의 통합생산시스템을 보유한 데님의 선두주자로서 끊임없이 데님을 재정의하고 있습니다.


원단제작부터 제품생산까지

LeaderJack은 원단제작에서 부터 제품생산까지 통합생산시스템을 구축하여 뛰어난 품질의 상품을 합리적인 가격으로 제안합니다.

원단시직과정을 거친 검증된 원단을 사용하고, 수십번의 피팅테스트를 거쳐 완성된 패턴을 적용하여 피팅감을 높였으며,

스페인의 워싱시스템을 도입하여 다양하고 디테일한 워싱가공을 거친 제품으로 해외 및 국내 셀럽들에게 각광받고있는 브랜드입니다.

Leaderjack has established an intergrated production system that covers the entire manufacturing line — from weaving fabric to our final jeans production.

Also, by using patterns that have gone through dozens of fitting tests, we design jeans that are not only comfortable, but that are also beautiful to wear.

By embracing the Spanish Washing System and with our various delicate denim wahsing processes, we grew as a popular brand among both foreign and domestic celebrities.


리더잭의 라이프스타일

당신에게 젊음, 섹시, 모험적인 라이프스타일을 제안하여 유니크함과 데님의 리얼성을 느끼실 수 있을것이며 데님의 선두주자로 트렌드에 맞추어 지속적으로 진정한 데님에 대한 고민과 개발에 힘 쓰겠습니다.

Leader Jack focus on innovative use of fabrics, fit and finishes in denim and gives you a symbol of a young, sexy and adventurous lifestyle. You will gain uniqueness and authenticity from our demin. As a denim pioneer we will have consistently reinvent the definition of denim to keep up with the trends.

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가공과 워싱처리를 통해 데님 고유의 아름다움을 끄집어내는 것. 이것이 유닉한 특징과 퀄리티를 만들어냅니다. 

Bring out the inherent beauty of denim by creating washes and treatments. This creates unique characteristics and qualities. 


Leaderjack은 옷이 가지고 있는 힘과 옷이 어떻게 만들어지는지가 차이를 만들 수 있다고 믿습니다.
스타일, 장인정신, 몸매 — Leaderjack의 브랜드에 담아내려고 하는, 우리가 가장 중요하게 여기는 3가지 가치입니다.

We believe how clothes are made can make a difference. Take on style, craftsmanship and fit. This is what we consider important and that’s what we’re doing. 

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Terms of Service

Article 1 Purpose

These Terms of Use are for the purpose of stipulating all matters related to the terms of use and operation of the service of “LEADERJACK” (hereinafter referred to as the “Site”).

Article 2 Definition of Terms

Definitions of key terms used in these Terms and Conditions are as follows.

① Member: A person who agrees to the terms and conditions of the site and provides personal information to register as a member, and refers to a user who enters into a contract with the site and uses the site.

② Use contract: Refers to a contract concluded between the site and the member in relation to the use of the site.

③ Member ID (hereinafter “ID”): A unique combination of letters and numbers given to each member for member identification and member service use.

④ Password: A combination of letters and numbers selected by the member to confirm that the member is a member that matches the ID given to the member and to protect the rights and interests of the member.

⑤ Operator: Refers to an operator who opens and operates a website on the service.

⑥ Cancellation: The member cancels the contract of use.

Article 3 Rules other than the terms and conditions

If necessary, the operator may notify the operation policy separately, and if these terms and conditions overlap with the operation policy, the operation policy takes precedence.

Article 4 Conclusion of use contract

① The contract of use is established with the consent of the person who intends to use the site by registering as a member to agree to the contents of these terms and conditions and the consent of the operator for the application for membership.

② Those who wish to use the service by registering as a member express their intention to agree to these terms and conditions by reading these terms and selecting “I agree” below when applying for site subscription.

Article 5 Application for service use

① A user who wants to use the site by registering as a member must provide all information requested by the site (user ID, password, nickname, etc.).

② Members who do not register their true information, such as stealing other people's information or registering false information, cannot claim any rights in relation to the use of the site and may be punished according to relevant laws and regulations.

Article 6 Privacy Policy

The site and operator do not have a password among the personal information provided at the time of membership registration, and related parts follow the site's privacy policy.

The operator strives to protect members' personal information, including member registration information, as stipulated by relevant laws and regulations.

Regarding the protection of members' personal information, the relevant laws and regulations and the personal information processing policy set by the site shall be followed.

However, the operator is not responsible for any information exposed due to reasons attributable to the member.

If a member registers and distributes illegal posts such as posts that are infringing on public morals or national security, the operator may view the member's data and submit the data to the relevant institution upon request from the relevant institution.

Article 7 Obligations of the operator

① If the operator deems that the opinions or complaints raised by the user members are justified, the operator must deal with them as soon as possible. However, if it is difficult to process quickly due to personal circumstances, we will do our best to post notice or send a note or e-mail to the user.

② In order to provide a continuous and stable site, the operator may request the site to repair or restore it without delay when the equipment is damaged or lost. However, in the event of a natural disaster or an unavoidable reason for the site or operator, the site operation may be temporarily suspended.

Article 8 Member's Obligations

① Members must comply with the matters stipulated in these Terms and Conditions and the rules and regulations set by the operator, notices and operating policies, etc. and related laws and regulations, and other acts that interfere with the business of the site and damage the reputation of the site. You must not do what you do.

② Members cannot transfer or donate the right to use the service or other status in the contract of use to another person, and cannot provide this as collateral without the express consent of the site.

③ Customers must pay great attention to ID and password management, and they cannot provide their IDs to third parties without the consent of the operator or site.

④ Members must not infringe the intellectual property rights of the operator, site, and third parties.

Article 9 Service usage hours

① In principle, service use hours are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, unless there is a special problem in business or technology. However, the site may temporarily suspend the service on the day or time set by the site for regular system inspection, expansion and replacement, and please refer to the site's website in advance as it is notified in advance of the service suspension due to scheduled work.

② However, the site may temporarily or permanently suspend the service in the following cases without prior notice or notice.

- In case of urgent system inspection, expansion, replacement, malfunction or malfunction

- In case of force majeure such as national emergency, power outage, natural disaster, etc.

- In case the telecommunication service is suspended by the key telecommunications business operator stipulated in the Telecommunications Business Act

- In the event that normal service use is disrupted due to excessive use of the service, etc.

③ In case of service interruption pursuant to the preceding paragraph, the site notifies the member in advance through notices, etc. However, if prior notice is not possible for service interruption caused by reasons beyond the control of the site, it will be replaced by post notice.

Article 10 Cancellation of service use

① If a member wishes to terminate the use contract with the site, the member himself/herself must apply for registration cancellation online. On the other hand, separate from the termination of the use of the site, the termination of the use contract for the site must be done separately.

② As the site-related programs provided by the site are automatically deleted from the member management screen at the same time as the cancellation request is made, the operator can no longer see the information of the cancellation applicant.

Article 11 Restriction on service use

A member shall not engage in any of the following acts, and in the case of such act, the site may restrict the member's use of the service and take legal measures, and may terminate the service contract or set a period to suspend the service.

① Registering false information when registering as a member or changing information after joining

② Interfering with other people's use of the site or stealing information

③ Acts that impersonate the site's administrators, employees, or related parties

④ Acts that infringe on the personal rights or intellectual property rights of the site or other third parties or interfere with business

⑤ Illegal use of another member's ID

⑥ Acts of collecting, storing, or disclosing personal information about other members without their consent

⑦ Acts that are objectively judged to be related to a crime

⑧ Acts that violate other relevant laws

Article 12 Management of posts

① The operator is responsible for the management and operation of postings and materials on the site. The operator must always monitor bad posts and materials, and when bad posts and materials are discovered or reported, the relevant posts and materials must be deleted and the member who registered them must be given attention.

On the other hand, the publisher is responsible for the posts posted by the user member, so the member himself/herself should not post any posts that violate these terms of use.

② If there is a request for correction by a public institution such as the Information and Communication Ethics Committee, the operator may delete or move the post without the prior consent of the member.

③ The criteria for judging bad postings are as follows.

- In case of content that severely insults other members or third parties or damages the reputation

- In case of distributing or linking content that violates public order and morals

- Content that promotes illegal copying or hacking

- In case of advertisement for profit

- If the content is objectively recognized as being related to a crime

- In case of infringement of other rights such as copyright with other users or third parties

- In case it is judged to be in violation of other related laws

④ When the site and operator receive a request to stop posting from a third party due to defamation or infringement of intellectual property rights, the site and operator may temporarily suspend the posting (stop transmission), and a lawsuit between the requester and the post registrant , agreements and other equivalent decisions of related organizations are made and submitted to the site accordingly.

Article 13 Storage of Posts

In the event that the site operator suspends this site due to unavoidable circumstances, we will notify members in advance and try to take all measures to facilitate the transfer of posts.

Article 14 Copyright on Posts

① Copyright of posts posted by members on the site belongs to the members who posted them. In addition, the site may not make any commercial use of the postings without the consent of the publisher. However, this is not the case for non-profit purposes and also has the right to publish in the service.

② Members may not commercially use the data posted on the service, such as arbitrarily processing or selling information acquired using the service.

③ The operator may delete, move, or refuse registration without prior notice if it is determined that the contents of the site posted or registered by the member fall under each of Article 12.

Article 15 Compensation for damages

① Members are primarily responsible for all civil and criminal responsibilities that occur on this site.

② In the event that the damage received by the member from this site is force majeure, such as natural disaster, or is caused by the intention or negligence of the member, we will not compensate for the damage.

Article 16 Indemnification

① The operator is exempted from liability for damages caused by the member's failure to obtain the expected profit from the site's service provision or the selection or use of service data.

② The operator is exempted from liability in case of failure of the service base of this site and the telecommunication service provided by other telecommunication companies, and the site's terms of use shall apply for damages caused in relation to the service base of this site.

③ The operator is not responsible for any data stored, posted or transmitted by the member.

④ The operator shall not be held liable in the event of a disruption in service use due to reasons attributable to the member.

⑤ The operator is not responsible for any activities (including data transmission and other community activities) between members, between members and a third party, or between members, whether inside or outside of this service.

⑥ The operator is not responsible for the authenticity, reliability, accuracy, etc. of the data posted or transmitted by the member and all data that the member can receive through this site.

⑦ The operator shall not be held liable for any damages arising from the transaction of goods between members or between members and a third party through services.

⑧ The operator is not responsible for any disputes that occur between members or between members and third parties without reasons attributable to the operator.

⑨ The operator shall be responsible for system failures that may occur intentionally or without serious negligence equivalent to intentional in the process of managing, inspecting, repairing, replacing, or replacing facilities such as servers, system failures due to attacks by third parties, We are not responsible for damage to members caused by the distribution of computer viruses, etc., for which a response method has not been developed by research institutes or security-related companies, or other force majeure reasons beyond the control of the operator.


These terms and conditions are effective from 2022.09.01.

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